If you’re new to the MFL 10 format (hosted by MyFantasyLeague), it’s really quite simple. Best ball leagues are draft-only with PPR scoring, no waiver claims, no setting line ups, draft and forget essentially. Once a league is filled (12 league mates), you draft 20 players. After completion of the draft, your best team each week will accrue points, until a winner is determined (most points accrued for the season). At the end of the season who ever has the most points wins 100 dollars, while second place gets a “free” entry (10 dollars) for the following season. Higher dollar best ball leagues are available, but the lowest rake (operator fee) is with MFL 10’S. Giving yourself a higher probability of positive ROI (return on investment) is always an important rule to follow. Below I will leave you with some basic strategy, and my optimal number of players per position.

Basic Strategy

  • Pull up recent MFL 10 draft only ADP, use as your guide line (find under fantasy tools on myfantasyleagues home page)
  • Look for value just as you would a regular re-draft league
  • Make a balanced team, combination of floor and ceiling players
  • Remember to take shots on week winners (players who accumulate big games throughout a season)
  • Late round players like Tedd Ginn Jr. can be optimal for this format, because remember you don’t have to guess when to start them

Optimal number of players per position

  • QB: 2
  • RB: 5-6
  • WR: 7-8
  • TE: 2-3
  • DST: 2

Here’s an example of a team I drafted utilizing the above advice.

Screenshot (38)

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