Matthew Oberst writes and edits Adrenaline Football. Topics include football history, philosophy, strategy, game planning, fantasy football, weekly plays, weekly picks against the spread and anything else that seems interesting.

I do freelance work and If you are interested please message me on twitter, or email. My twitter account is @mBULLETo and please email at mBULLETo@adrenalinefootball.com.

If you’re interested in advertising on Adrenaline Football, please email me.

I encourage comments, and enjoy responding to them. I will delete them if for any reason, including but not limited to irrelevance, offensiveness, redundancy, or simply because it is too long and therefore disrupts discussion.

  1. Very cool website! I love the “adrenaline” graphic!

  2. You know your stuff MAN!!!! Great insight! I’m betting hard with your info, be there!!!!

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