Running Back (Team) Targets

Running Back Target (Team) Rankings

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When we look at the past two seasons, we must realize lots of change has taken place in the NFL. With such quick turnarounds including but not limited to, coaching staff, player personnel, scheme, and game flow we can evaluate each teams running back targets to the best of our ability. For example: when a coach like Marc Trestman leaves, I would fully expect RB targets to go down in Chicago and go up in Baltimore. When a player like Shane Vereen changes teams, I would expect the impending team’s RB targets to go up. Both examples are accurate as you will see below. I have the rankings in order, top to bottom from last season’s 2015/2016 statistics, and (2014/2015) will be in parenthesis.

By doing this we generate a solid base line of what teams to avoid and target in our PPR leagues.

1.Philadelphia Eagles: 178 (102) Offense based on quick reads.
2.Detroit Lions: 173 (165) Theo Riddick 99 targets last season.
3.San Diego Chargers: 172 (110) Shows the impact of Woodhead inj.
4.New England Patriots: 163 (108) Lewis/White combined 104 Tgts.
5.Baltimore Ravens: 160 (108) Trestman with CHI previous season.
6.New York Giants: 138 (100) Vereen in NE year prior.
7.Atlanta Falcons: 137 (133) Consistent numbers for Freeman.
8.Oakland Raiders: 126 (160) Drafted DeAndre Washington.
9.New York Jets: 125 (81) Numbers should go up with Forte/Powell.
10.Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 119 (94) Sims very safe play in PPR.
11.Cincinnati Bengals: 111 (121) Gio consistent value.
12.Cleveland Browns: 108 (48) Targets doubled when Duke arrived.
13.Chicago Bears: 105 (137) Numbers dipped when Trestman left.
14.Houston Texans: 104 (90) Lamar should be on everyone’s radar.
15.Miami Dolphins: 103 (102) Gase similar targets coming from CHI.
16.Washington Redskins: 102 (104) Keith Marshall super sleeper.
17.New Orleans Saints: 101 (166) Prior year leader -> Ingram.
18.San Francisco 49ers: 100 (64) Chip in town, Draughn value pick.
19.Arizona Cardinals: 98 (111) DJ avg 5.3 Tgts/G after taking over.
20.Indianapolis Colts: 97 (114) Ferguson potential 3rd down back.
21.Tennessee Titans: 97 (100) Dexter McCluster.
22.Minnesota Vikings: 96 (118) AP just 36 targets last season.
23.Green Bay Packers: 93 (90) Lacy 55 targets previous season.
24.Seattle Seahawks: 93 (74) Drafted C.J. Prosise.
25.Dallas Cowboys: 91 (92) Elliot every down back.
26.Jacksonville Jaguars: 89 (101) Yeldon to take over 3rd downs.
27.Los Angeles Rams: 84 (116) Gurley can increase his catch total.
28.Buffalo Bills: 81 (154) Targets cliff dived this past season.
29.Pittsburgh Steelers: 81 (132) Bell had 105 targets in 2014.
30.Denver Broncos: 79 (98) CJA avg 40 targets last two seasons.
31.Kansas City Chiefs: 76 (136) Charles critical to K.C. offense.
32.Carolina Panthers: 63 (68) Bottom 30 two years in a row.

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