Green Bay Packers Free Agent Targets

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Green Bay Packers Free Agent Targets:

For the sake of fantasy purposes I am going to give my opinion on skill position players I hope the Packers will at least look at this off-season. Most know how frustrating Ted Thompson’s system can be, with a strict mindset of building through the draft. For the most part it’s truly the best way to go about being a GM in the NFL. The problem though, is the lack of Free Agent signings. I’ve seen this far too long with two Hall of Fame quarterbacks not getting that extra piece they needed to get them over the edge. A good example of this a decade ago, Green Bay had the chance to bring Randy Moss to Titletown. Even after Favre and Moss said they’d love to play together nothing took place. Moss went to New England where Brady had his best season of his marvelous career. This is where I believe Ted Thompson has made mistakes throughout his career, where as Bill Belichick has always looked for the extra piece. Tom Brady Super bowl wins equal four, while Rodgers and Favre have one combined since TT took over GM in 2005.

This all leads me to the list of free agents pending this off season. Although it is not the greatest list ever, I think Green Bay needs to make at least one splash at the skill position. One thing we obviously lacked all season and hurt the Packers was the lack of a vertical threat.  I do see several players who can address this need immediately in free agency.

LaDarius Green, TE – San Diego Chargers

Although serving as a back up to a future Hall of Famer, Green has flashed his potential in spurts. At 6’6″ and 240 pounds running a 4.5 forty, Green is a physical mismatch with the vertical threat needed. He could be the key piece Green Bay’s offense needs to get back on track this season.

age: 25

Travis Benjamin, WR – Cleveland Browns

Here’s a guy I was talking about earlier in the season. After Jordy went down with a ACL tear, I thought TB could step in and provide the vertical threat. He doubles as one of the most dangerous return men in the league. Green Bay should have made a move for him during the season, as Cleveland came out and said almost everyone on their team was on the block. I highly doubt he would have cost much more than a 4th or 5th round pick seeing that he would have been a unrestricted free agent in the upcoming off season. I don’t have my hopes up very high for him becoming a Packer now seeing the available wide receiver free agents. More than likely someone will over pay for Benjamin’s services, but for the right price he could be a great fit for this offense.

age: 26

Marvin Jones, WR – Cincinnati Bengals

Another free agent who has the skill set Green Bay should be looking for. With good size 6’2” and 200 pounds running a 4.46 at the combine. He put together  a very productive year playing second fiddle to A.J. Green, with 65 receptions over 800 yards and 4 TD’s. Fitting the bill he’d make an excellent outside receiver opposite Jordy with the possibility of becoming a future number one receiver.

age: 25

These are the three free agents that make the most sense for Green Bay to look at.  All have the same criteria, young in age, vertical threats, with reasonable price tags. I don’t see the Packers looking at running backs in free agency, assuming they will target the draft for that position and resign Starks to a 1 year deal. John Kuhn should be another easy signing for them as he will want to finish his career as a Packer. Our other needs do include offensive lineman which again we can address in the draft or via free agency.

Here’s looking forward to a small change in what is Ted Thompsons methodical way of doing things.

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