2014 Fantasy Football Busts

To me a fantasy Bust is someone who is drafted to high and does not live up their expected ADP. When I am trying to find a bust, it might not be because of the player. A lot of times a bust will derive from a coaching change, a contract dispute, or a team trending in the wrong direction. This is my list of Bust’s!


Jamal Charles, RB, Chiefs:

Yes I know this might sound crazy, but let me tell you why I think one of the most talented running backs in the league will be a bust! First off the running back position changes dramatically year to year, making it very difficult for a player to repeat as the number one in this position. Charles lost three starting lineman, making his o-line one of the worst in the league. That accompanied by an offense that can’t attack you deep or spread the defense, will only create more problems for Charles. As defenses will key in on him, he will face eight in the box all year long. If that’s not bad enough he has one of the toughest strengths of schedules for running backs. He is currently being drafted as a top two pick, and he will not live up to that expectation this season.

Marshawn Lynch, RB, Seahawks:

Another star running back from last season lands on my list. I love “beast mode”, but this year I do not want him on any of my teams. He has contemplated retirement, and now is in the middle of a holdout. These are two giant red flags when you are talking about spending a valuable pick on a key player. Seattle is not going to pay him what he wants and I honestly don’t see him playing this year. Pete Carol knows that he has other running backs in the stable and is more than prepared to roll with them. Throw in the amount of workload he has received the last three seasons (almost 1,100 touches), and I will be passing on him all day long.

Update 7/31: Lynch is back in camp after retooling his contract this year. He still is on my bust list however for the reasons stated above.

Andre Johnson, WR, Texans:

This is one of the most talented players in the league, and all this guy wants to do is win. Houston does not give him this chance, Johnson is fully aware and wanted out this off-season. The Texans refused to trade him, and here we are with a humble but disgruntled player who I question his motivation for this season. Factor in all the changes and Gary Kubiak a man who force fed Johnson for many years not in Houston anymore, I will be avoiding Andre at his current ADP.

Jordan Cameron, TE, Browns:

How quickly things can change, one of my prized sleepers of last season now lands on my bust list. Cameron finished last season catching 80 balls for 917 yards and seven td’s. Those numbers where good enough to rank him 5th among the position. There were two men responsible for his huge increase in stats, Norv Turner and Rob Chudzinski. Both who are out of Cleveland this season. Although the numbers look good on paper, he had a very inconsistent year, finishing the season on a downswing. I would fully expect Cameron’s stat line to dramatically decrease despite being the number one target for the Browns this season.

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